MSRC to speak at 45th AAS Annual Conference

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Staff from MSRC's Core B at Florida State University will present a program overview at the American Association of Suicidology's annual conference. The conference will be held in Baltimore, MD. The AAS is the leading membership organization for suicidology experts, including MSRC Directors Thomas Joiner and Peter Gutierrez, and numerous MSRC Members.

MSRC staff will present an overview of the project, and showcase some current and future enhancements, features and capabilities of the project's website. The conference takes place between April 18 and 21, 2012.

Friday's Featured Panel is titled "Status of Department of Defense Funded Suicide Research". This panel will provide a broad overview of Department of Defense research focused on suicide, including current and future funding priorities. Information will be provided on the scope of the problem within the military historically, to contrast with current rates of self-directed violence. Comparisons will be made across the services (i.e., Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force), with primary emphasis placed on Army suicides. Current identified gaps in the research will be discussed as well. Two panelists will provide information on the Military Suicide Research Consortium, a $17 million 3-year venture to focus cutting edge research methodology on the full spectrum of the suicide problem including screening and assessment, intervention, and community level prevention. An overview of the five intervention studies currently funded by the Consortium will be provided along with information on a range of screening and assessment studies under development. Three panelists will then briefly describe their funded studies, including a current status report.





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