Trailblazing 3D Digitization in the Field

Friday, June 25, 2021

Two iDigInfo technicians, Nicole James and Alex Adkinson, are helping the museum community to transfer techniques usually reserved for indoor to the outdoors. They are working with iDigInfo Director Austin Mast to develop protocols and best practice recommendations to produce 3D digital models of biodiversity specimens in the field (e.g., in a forest or on a mountaintop) at the time of collection. Many types of specimens have 3D structure that is important for research but is distorted with preservation. For example, a flower is typically flattened and dried at the time of collection. Structure from motion, laser scanning, and other methods offer a solution to this, but few have attempted to use these outdoors and no guidelines for this exist yet. Nicole and Alex are graduate students in FSU’s Department of Art who have previously worked in that department’s Digital Media Fabrication Laboratory. The work is a component of iDigInfo’s activities during iDigBio’s Phases 2 and 3. For more information on iDigBio’s Phase 3, visit the URL below.



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