Military Suicide Research Consortium

The Department of Defense, Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) from the Defense Health Program Enhancement (DHPe) awarded a $17 million federal grant to Florida State University and the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center to establish the Department of Defense Military Suicide Research Consortium (MSRC). The consortium is the first of its kind to integrate DOD and civilian efforts in implementing a multidisciplinary research approach to suicide prevention.

iDigInfo represents Core B, the Information Management/Scientific Communications Core of the project. Core B has knowledge, information, and findings through a variety of methods appropriate for decision makers, practitioners, and others who are accountable for ensuring the mental health of military personnel. Directed by iDigInfo, the goals of Core B include a rapid response function so that queries from decision makers and others of the MSRC will be answered in an efficient and timely manner. Technical assistance and support for decision makers and others is an integral aspect of this MSRC function. This aspect of MSRC warehouses knowledge about suicidal behavior in general (gathered in part by Core C), so that military issues can be informed in a comprehensive manner.