White Paper on Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Submitted by dleiva on Tue July 23, 2013

On July 9th, we were asked to participate in gathering information for a white paper response on the effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on patients with mental disorders, specifically depression, suicide ideation or suicide attempt. Specific interest was expressed in searching for published researched where the patient had died by suicide or attempted suicide after the treatment.

The following information was gathered from the MSRC online digital library and sources such as Pubmed and Google Scholar and shared with the Denver staff:

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Welcome to iDigBio!

Submitted by dpaul on Fri July 19, 2013

Hi Everyone and welcome to iDigBio. That's Integrated Digitized Biodiversity Collections, just to relieve your curiosity about that particular acronym. My name is Debbie Paul and here at iDigInfo, several staff members from iDigInfo, including myself, are excited to be a part of iDigBio. We're facilitating the nation's effort to get non-federal natural history museum collection specimen data out of millions of drawers, cabinets, jars and boxes and into a national resource, a cloud-based NoSQL database built with open source software.

iDigInfo Blogs!

Submitted by cam02h on Mon June 10, 2013

Welcome to the blog for the Institute for Digital Information and Scholarly Communication at FSU.

Our mission is to further the advance the science of information analysis and organization.  To that end, we have been very busy with many activities.   Some of the things that are keeping us busy these days include:

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