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Submitted by cam02h on Mon June 10, 2013


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Welcome to the blog for the Institute for Digital Information and Scholarly Communication at FSU.

Our mission is to further the advance the science of information analysis and organization.  To that end, we have been very busy with many activities.   Some of the things that are keeping us busy these days include:

  • Deb Paul and Gil Nelson have been contributing to the iDigBio Project by organizing workshops at museums and universities across the country.  These workshops aim to help biologists use tools and develop worfklows to digitize their collections.
  • Casey McLaughlin, Alex Garcia, and Mike Wabiszewski have been supporting the Military Suicide Research Consortium by developing automated tools that extract and organize mental health research from thousands of scholarly journal articles.
  • Steve Flager and Greg Riccardi have been developing tools to harvest bibliographic metadata from dozens of publisher APIs around the web with the aim of making that information available in structured form via RDF.
  • John Patterson has been working with our colleagues at the FSU High Performance Computing Department to develop an Openstack-based cloud platform for conducting much of the aforementioned research.
  • Alex Garcia has been continuing to refine and develop Biotea, an open, structured dataset that links the content from 270,000 PubMed Central documents to the semantic web.

Starting today, we'll consolidate our staff's blog posts here, so point your feed reader at this URL to stay up-to-date with what we are up to at iDiginfo.